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From Eric D Nielsen <niels...@MIT.EDU>
Subject Exploring actionPackage-based configuration issues
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2007 17:59:15 GMT
I've been using Struts 2 for a few weeks now and am finding a few areas that
don't seem to posses the same clarity/utilty as most of the framework.  I'm
interested in seeing if I can come up with a patch to address these areas.

The first thing that's been bothering me is the lack of a clean way to link
auto-detected actions via actionPackages with an XWork package, without
resorting to lots of repetition of @ParentPackage.

I submitted a JIRA issue:
my writeup includes a few thoughts on what a solution might look like.  I would
be happy to expand upon them here or in follow-up comments there.

Realized after the fact that its highly redundant with

though the latter frames it as a documentation issue, while I feel there is also
a code issue.  The comments on 2016 seem to indicate a very non-inutitive
solution that I would feel is probably a bug that should be replaced with some
other solution.  (Ie @ParentPackage annotation "bleeds" through to affect other

I'm planning to start poking around the source tonight.  However, I've seen a
lot of references to annotation cleanup/plugin, but without seeing what's been
planned.  Searching through the open JIRA issues hasn't offered much insight
either.  I don't want to re-implement something that someone is already working
on, etc.



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