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From "Ted Husted" <>
Subject Re: Voting Process -- Recap
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2007 18:49:23 GMT
I checked with infrastructure as to the appropriate use of the
timestamp parameter in the mirroring link. Accordingly, I would
suggest the following template language to initiate a "fast-track"
vote for a #.#.#.x security-fix distribution. Now that we have a
procedure, the intent to fast-track a vote should also be declared in
the release plan.


"This is a "fast-track" release vote. If we have a positive vote after
24 hours (at least three binding +1s and more +1s than -1s),  the
release may be submitted for mirroring and announced to the usual

"The website download link will include the mirroring timestamp
parameter [1],  which limits the selection of mirrors to those that
have been refreshed since the indicated time and date. (After 24
hours, we *must* remove the timestamp parameter from the website link,
to avoid unnecessary server load.) In the case of a fast-track
release, the email announcement will not link directly to
<download.cgi>, but to <downloads.html>, so that we can control use of
the timestamp parameter.

"[1] <>"


If the procedure now satisfies everyone, I'll update the Creating and
Signing a Release page with our notes about #.#.#.x security-fix
releases and the template language for a fast track vote.


On 8/2/07, Ted Husted <> wrote:
> So to sum up the post-mortem,
> Security Releases
>  * When a serious security issue  arises, we should try to create a
> #.#.#.1 branch on the last GA release, and apply to that branch only
> the security  patch.
>  * If the patch first applies to WebWork, or some other dependency,
> beg the  other group to do the same, to avoid  side-effects from other
> changes.
> Fast-Tack Votes
> If the release manager would like to "fast track" a vote, so as to
> make a security fix available quickly, one suggestion is to
>  * Include the term "fast-track" in the subject, as in [VOTE] Struts
> 2.0.9 quality (fast track)
>  * In the vote message, specify voting terms like:
> ----
> "This is a "fast-track" release vote. As soon as we have a positive
> vote (at least three binding +1s and more +1s than -1s), the release
> may be submitted for mirroring. Twenty-four hours after mirroring, if
> the vote is still positive, the release may be announced to the usual
> channels.
> "Prior to the announcement, any PMC member may veto the fast-track
> designation for a release vote, in which case we revert to the usual
> 72-hour voting period, retroactive to the original post."
> -----
> When the bits are submitted for mirroring, the RM should ping the vote
> to start the clock.
> In this way, we are able to submit the distribution as soon as it
> meets the technical criteria for a release (a positive vote),  we also
> include a definite time period for the vote (24 hours after being
> submitted for mirroring), and we give PMC members the opportunity to
> revert the voting terms if anyone feels fast tracking is inappropriate
> in a given case.
> Thoughts?
> -Ted.

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