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From James Mitchell <>
Subject Re: [s2] nightly builds
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2007 13:57:46 GMT
I don't know how many different ways I have to say this to make it  

  -== I am *NOT* running any automated builds on my own machine ==-

That covers the terms "local machine" and "personal machine".   
Everything is done on ASF hardware.

The ASF provides us (The Apache Struts Project) with a Solaris Zone  
[0] that we happen to use to do the automated nightly builds with.   
Any committer has a right to ask for an account on this box.


If you guys still feel that you do not need the process that I have  
in place.  Please let me know and I'll stop the cron job.


James Mitchell

On Aug 14, 2007, at 8:43 AM, Ted Husted wrote:

> On 8/14/07, James Mitchell <> wrote:
>> You know, there's nothing wrong with what we have now.
>> Besides, you'd have to have an account on the ASF box in order to
>> drop the jars out there and I am -1 on keeping my private key on a
>> box (other than my own personal machine) out there that is not owned
>> and managed by the ASF.  That probably breaks some ASF policy anyway.
> I believe the idea is that we would simply link to the location where
> Bamboo is keeping the JARs, not unlike the way we link to resource
> like Biblio and Nabble.
> From a policy perspective, this solution is preferable since it
> distances the PMC from the snapshot builds. Under the Apache License,
> someone building these JARs for us is a perfectly acceptable use, so
> long as there is not a representation that the JARs are an ASF
> release. (Which I'm sure there would not be.) Moreover, it means that
> James M does not need to expose his credentials to an automated
> process on his local machine.
> From a technical perspective, this solution is preferable since the
> JARs would be always up to date. Immediately after committing a patch,
> the new binaries would be available for volunteers to test. With a
> nightly build, we might have to wait until the next day for the latest
> JAR to be available. Moreover, Bamboo is building the JARs anyway, so
> this solution is more efficient. It also ensures that any interim
> tests are against the very same JARs that Bamboo is reporting to us as
> successful or not successful.
> I'm very +1 on this, since it
>  * relieves us from the busy work of maintaining the latest build  
> JARs,
>  * provides an more effective and efficient technical solution, and
>  * aligns with ASF principles and policies.
> -Ted.
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