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From James Holmes <>
Subject Re: [s2] 2.0.10 release - when?
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2007 18:11:58 GMT
Cool, I'm happy to do the JIRA, release notes and testing and defer the rolling
of the distribution to yourself or someone else.

I'll start working on this today. I'll get a 2.0.11 release setup in JIRA and
start moving unresolved tickets there. I'll also work on the notes and begin
testing the apps.


On Tue Aug 14 12:41 , 'Ted Husted'> sent:

>The best way to put us in a position of regular releases is to attend
>to the JIRA tickets, update the release notes, and test the
>applications as often as possible. Any committer can do that as time
>allows, without worrying about rolling a distribution.
>It's also not necessary for there to be a single release manager. In
>the past, we've often had one individual run point on the tickets,
>notes, and testing, and then have another roll the final distribution.
>In my experience, at least half of the work has nothing to do with
>rolling the distribution, but just getting the tickets, notes, and
>apps to the point where we can roll the distribution.
>If someone is about ready to clear the decks for a 2.0.10 build, then
>rushing out a doesn't seem useful, since it would be
>superseded by 2.0.10 anyway. But, if it helps, I would be happy to
>roll either version at any time, if the tickets, notes, and testing
>are otherwise done.
>On 8/14/07, James Holmes> wrote:
>> Since the 2.0.X releases are small point releases, I'm all for releasing 2.0.10
>> soon. I'd like to see a regular schedule for these releases so we can keep fixing
>> the minor issues and getting these fixes out to the users. This will help Struts
>> 2 attract new users. It seems 2.1 is still a ways out (although I'd like to see
>> us put some scope around that and make a rough estimate of a goal when we'd like
>> to get it out).
>> My vote is to release 2.0.10 with the WW-2107 security fix instead of doing a
>> special security fix release. I think we can wait the normal 72 hours that a
>> "regular" release requires.
>> Thoughts?
>> That said, we need a release manager. I'm happy to work on bugs, but don't have
>> time to pour into learning all of the release steps and setting up the required
>> infrastructure on my machine right now.
>> James

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