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From "Musachy Barroso" <>
Subject Re: Release process and release Maven plugin (WAS: Re: Voting Process (was Re: Struts 2.0.9 release (WAS: Re: S2 security fix release planning (XWork 2.0.4 is out))))
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2007 21:03:46 GMT
It's been while since I used Selenium but I could help on this.


On 7/31/07, Martin Gilday <> wrote:
> > > > In
> > > > terms of reducing the actual amount of time spent on a release, a
> > > > solid set of Selenium tests might make the most difference.
> >
> > > > +1
> > > > I think that someone is already working on Selenium tests, or am I
> > > > confusing with Struts 1?
> > > Even if someone where, it's a very big job, and we could use all the
> > > help we can get!
> I started making some Selenium tests for the showcase a couple of months
> ago after Ted suggested it.  I stopped for a couple of reasons, mainly
> that we decided to stick with WebWork in the office.  But also to try
> and get some feedback on what I had done so far.  Having not had being
> involved in a release before I was unsure what ideally these tests
> should cover.  Even with just building them with the Firefox plugin it
> will take a fair amount of time, so I think if we could outline what we
> need them to show it would potentially save a lot of wasted effort.  Do
> we want them to just be the standard Selenium tests you may create for
> your standard webapp, in this case the showcase, or do need to try and
> have them go deeper to test the framework as a whole.  For example if I
> was normally creating a registration test I might put in some duff
> values to test validation works, but to test the framework we might need
> to try submiting ognl expressions etc.
> My original JIRA issue is here
>  If there is renewed
> interest in these I would be up for helping out again.
> Martin.
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