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From "Ing. Andrea Vettori" <>
Subject Re: Preventing OGNL evaluations of user input (was Re: Struts 2 performance)
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2007 14:21:54 GMT

the recursion solve the problem because after the first "step" you  
are exposing to the remote exploit. The first evaluation step is secure.

If you have %{foo} somewhere and you evaluate it if the property foo  
does not contain an expression you are safe. If it contains an  
expression you are recursive-evaluating and that's the problem.

You can't have a circular-reference (like the one that caused me to  
find this big problem) if you disable recursion.

Moreover I think it is always a good coding practice when using  
recursion to have a max loop limit to break off the loop if something  
goes wrong.

It's the way the patch is implemented (I noticed my fault after  
posting the patch) that prevents expression that is not recursive  
like "%{foo} %{bar}" to be evaluated. I don't think it's a problem  
but we should know that this type of expressions will not be  
evaluated after installing the patch.

Maybe Don has addressed this kind of expression in his patch... I'll  
take a look at it later.

Il giorno 16/lug/07, alle ore 16:09, Antonio Petrelli ha scritto:

> 2007/7/16, Ing. Andrea Vettori <>:
>> What about expression like "%{foo} %{bar}" that work with the current
>> version but don't work using the loopCounter patch ?
>> I don't think we need them but who knows...
> I think that recursion is a false problem: it's up to the developer to
> control it (I don't think that JSP EL controls it, correct me if I am
> wrong). Eventually a log message can be written, but preventing it  
> is not a
> solution, because a particular case (such as circular reference)  
> will be
> always present.
> The "real" problem is that a user should not be allowed to execute  
> such OGNL
> code!
> Antonio

Ing. Andrea Vettori
Consulente per l'Information Technology

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