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From "Fowler, Perryn" <>
Subject RE: [ANN] Struts 2.0.9 General Availability Release with Important Security Fix
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2007 04:44:04 GMT
Thanks for the responses guys, I will endeavour to confirm whether the
new release breaks my use case as soon as possible.

(Un)fortunately I'm going on a ski trip this afternoon, so it will have
to wait until next week at the earliest. :)

Ted, with regards to your idea below, It looks like a cool idea, but
personally I don't like the idea of configuring things in a non-java
file like that. 

I guess I have 3 reasons

1) With my current approach, the fields are in a java object that is
easy to reference anywhere I want. Currently I reference them in a
number of places (my validation code, my integration tests, my views,
etc) and I don't have to worry about locating and parsing a special
config file each time.

2) It allows me to more easily write isolated tests for parts of my code
without having to drag in the parts of the framework that deal with that
config file.  

3) For future maintainers, who may not be that familiar with the
framework it is easier to trace through some java calls to see how
things hang together than find out they need to look for a 'magic'
config file.

(For these reasons, we are currently not even using the validation xml
files, but instead write java code that calls the various struts
validators directly)

Anyway, just my 2c

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On 7/24/07, Don Brown <> wrote:
> As to how we could support your use case, I'm not sure.  Perhaps you
> use a JSP EL expression to resolve the field name as I believe JSP EL
> evaluated before Struts gets a hold of it.

Another avenue might be to expose the fieldnames object as a message
resource class and then use the key attribute.

What I would really like to try sometime is adding a way to lookup a
control name from a message resource, or somewhere, so that we could
just list the fields. So, instead of

<s:textfield key="username"  tooltip="Enter your user account name"/>
<s:radio key="gender" list="genderList" tooltip="Select your gender"/>

We could do something like

<controls>username, gender</controls>

and centralize the details elsewhere

username = User Name
username.control = textfield
username.tooltip = "Enter your user account name"

gender = Gender
gender.control = radio
gender.tooltip = "Select your gender"
gender.list = genderList


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