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From James Holmes <>
Subject Re: Struts 2 performance
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2007 13:35:47 GMT
It's not a simple JAR drop. The core XWork and Struts 2 libraries have to be
updated to compile expressions. This will take some work, but I believe it is
badly needed. I'm up for helping to do this work, but don't have much experience
with the OGNL code. I also don't have commit access to the XWork code.

What's the process for getting commit access to XWork for Struts committers?


On Wed Jul 11  9:39 , 'Guillaume Carré' <> sent:

>2007/7/11, Musachy Barroso>:
>> I think so far a couple of people have tried to decouple Struts 2 from OGNL,
>> (so other libs like MVEL could be used), so far no patch has made it through
>> :)
>have you considered upgrading to OGNL 2.7?
>Tapestry 4 did, there seems to be some performance improvement in this release:
>is it a simple JAR drop?
>Guillaume Carré
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