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From "Philip Luppens" <>
Subject Re: [S2] JARs in plugins
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2007 15:44:36 GMT
On 6/6/07, Frank W. Zammetti <> wrote:
> Hi everyone... I'm writing my first S2 plugin and I'm running into a
> problem, which may well just be one of understanding.
> I had thought that any JAR placed in the root of the plugin JAR would be
> added to the path, but this seemingly isn't the case.  My understanding is
> that a plugin JAR is a self-contained entity, and this to me means it
> should include any JARs it is itself dependant on.
> So, is my understanding correct, and assuming so, how can I get those
> internal JARs available?  I should note that I'm looking for the included
> JARs to be available not only to my plugin code but *also* to code in the
> webapp its a part of, which maybe isn't possible?  If it isn't, is there
> any potential for conflict by having the same JAR within the plugin JAR
> and also in WEb-INF/lib of the webapp?

Well, I've written some plugins, and I never pack dependencies in the
same jar, for precisely that reason. But if you really want, you can
always repack jars, but I really see no good reason for it. OSGi,
anyone ?


> Guidance is appreciate whataver the answer(s).  Thanks all!
> Frank
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