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From James Holmes <>
Subject Re: Re: [S2] struts-tags.tld broken
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2007 21:00:14 GMT
Ok, I was confused. I thought the "" URI was
referenced in the sample applications and throughout the documentation. It's not.
I should have double checked this before sending my message.

I guess my point now would be about convention. The "/struts-tags" URI is not
very conventional IMHO and should ultimately be changed, but I guess that would
cause things to break. I hope we can "fix" things like this as we go in Struts 2,
versus the way things tended to become accepted in Struts 1 whether they were
"correct" or not. Basically in Struts 1 we tended to favor keeping things the way
they were ("broken" or not). I think this makes things confusing for people
getting started with the framework. They have to learn several idiosyncrasies
that distract them.


On Tue Jun 19 16:38 , Laurie Harper <> sent:

>James Holmes wrote:
>> It appears that the generated struts-tags.tld file is broken in the 2.0.8, 2.0.6
>> and possibly other builds. The URI being generated and used inside the
>>  tags should be "" instead of
>> "/struts-tags" unless I'm confused. Also, the  value seems to have
>> unnecessary quotation marks:
>>   2.2.3
>>   1.2
>>   s
>>   /struts-tags
>>   "Struts Tags"
>> ....
>> Should I open a JIRA issue?
>In what way is anything 'broken'? While using a full URL might be more 
>conventional, the simple URI that's in place today is perfectly valid. 
>Changing it would break every existing application with little or no 
>benefit IMHO. The quotes in the display name are unnecessary, but 
>harmless I think.
>Are these issues causing you problems somehow?
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