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From James Mitchell <>
Subject Re: PROPOSAL: s1 modules module
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2007 12:58:24 GMT
Ted, I'm willing to do s2 releases.  However, even with the  
documentation on the wiki, the process still seems very complicated.   
As far as building and pushing bits around, I'm ok with it, but when  
it comes to the release notes and open/close jira issues, it's not  
totally clear (to me) what needs to happen.

If you don't mind a little hand holding, I don't mind volunteering  
the time.

James Mitchell

On Apr 23, 2007, at 8:04 AM, Ted Husted wrote:

> On 4/23/07, Antonio Petrelli <> wrote:
>> Probably because making releases is (or better "was") a painful
>> operation. What if with 2 mere commands you created a release?
> The Struts 2 process is documented here:
> * 
> distribution.html
> I wouldn't call it painful, but it still "stings" a bit.
> I know Wendy has mentioned using the release plugin, but I'm not clear
> on what changes that would make to the workflow.
> One missing step is that we aren't generating "docs" or "J4"
> artifacts. I've been pulling them out of "-all" and zipping them up
> nonindependent. The J4 artifact might be problematic since we also
> need to run the backport utility, though I've heard there might be a
> plugin for that too.
> We're in desperate need of more Struts 2 release managers. I'm swamped
> this month, and I'll be very busy through the end of June. Unless
> someone else steps up, I'm afraid the S2 releases will grind to a
> halt.
> -Ted.
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