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From Alexander Snaps <>
Subject Ajax'ified fileupload
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2007 18:08:13 GMT
We are currently implementing a solution using Struts 2.
Since the website will need to handle large file uploads, I'm  
polishing an ajax'ified file upload.
I've implemented a new MultiPartRequest (and supporting classes)  
based on the Jakarta one that monitors the writing of the files to  
the filesystem.
That status is saved into the session and queried using Ajax calls  
(thanks to DWR) to update a lightbox styled wait screen on the  
customer's browser.
I've never contributed anything back to a Apache project, but I  
thought that this might be of interest...
So my questions are, if it is indeed of interest that this gets  
contributed back:
  - What are you guys expecting ?
  - Up to where should I implement the thing (e.g. I currently wire  
things manually inside the JSP, do you expect an ajax themed file tag) ?
  - What else should I be look for before going to fully impl. the  
feature ?


Alexander Snaps <>

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