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From Jasper Rosenberg <>
Subject Question on double invocation of evaluateParams() in ClosingUIBean
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2007 12:46:32 GMT
I am using the s.form tag via freemarker and noticed that evaluateParams() is being invoked
twice, once via ClosingUIBean.start() and again in UIBean.end().

It seems like it should only be required to be invoked once, by ClosingUIBean.start(), and
that UIBean.end() could be refactored or overridden in ClosingUIBean to skip it. 

If it is the case, it would be a nice performance improvement to the few ClosingUIBean subclasses
as evaluateParams() can do quite a bit of work.

Of course, there could easily be some crucial side-effect I'm totally missing here which is
why I'm posting it as a question here and not as a JIRA improvement :)

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