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From Brian Pontarelli <>
Subject [S2] Zero config enhancement
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2007 21:25:53 GMT
I just got done writing an enhancement to the zero-configuration code. 
It provides a number of new features:

- Support for action name mapping so that you can transform from 
SomeNamedAction to someNamed.action or some_named.action. This uses an 
interface so it can be extended however is required. I made two 
implementations, the first uses the existing code to lowercase and 
remove the action ending, the second is an SEO friendly implementation 
that handles camel case and adds in underscores.

- Added the ActionName and ActionNames annotations for the action 
classes. These two annotations allow actions to provide non-default 
names as well as methods to invoke. You can also supply an array of 
ActionName annotations to allow a single action to handle multiple actions.

I did not add support to the result annotation to allow for results to 
be associated with specific actions, but that should be trivial. This 
stuff makes SEO handling pretty easy and also allows for modifications 
to the zero-configuration URL handling via annotations in the same 
manner that results can be modified via annotations. I'll be using this 
stuff here locally, but I think it would be pretty beneficial to the 
community and would like to discuss putting it back into core.

I can put together a patch file if anyone wants to look over the 


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