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From Brian Pontarelli <>
Subject Re: XWork and OGNL question
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2007 18:55:43 GMT
Yeah, it looks like it goes all the way through the Ognl stack and out 
to the ObjectFactory. Not sure why this is happening since supposedly it 
should handle arrays, collections, Maps, etc. I'm gonna grab the Ognl 
code and see if I can track this puppy down. If anyone has info, please 
send it my way.


Bob Lee wrote:
> Are you using the Guice Struts 2 plugin? I didn't realize Struts 2 would
> delegate to the ObjectFactory to create an int[].
> Bob
> On 4/2/07, Brian Pontarelli <> wrote:
>> I'm playing around with Guice as an ObjectFactory and I've run into an
>> issue. I've got an action that I want to handle an array of values from
>> a form using the [] notation. My form looks something like:
>> <input type="text" name="numbers[0]"/>
>> <input type="text" name="numbers[1]"/>
>> ...
>> My action is roughly:
>> public class Update extends ActionSupport {
>>   private int[] numbers;
>>   // getter and setter
>> }
>> What I've found is that when the ParametersInterceptor is called it
>> delegates to Ognl and rather than Ognl creating the array and doing all
>> the type conversions it is passing control over to Guice and asking
>> Guice to instantiate an instance of int[], which of course fails. Is
>> this correct or am I missing something between Ognl, XWork and Guice? Or
>> is Guice not playing nice and handing back control to Ognl or XWork like
>> it is supposed to?
>> Thanks,
>> -bp
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