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From "Ted Husted" <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Merge Annotations and Archetype into the trunk for the 2.1.x series (was struts-annotations)
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2007 04:18:55 GMT
Annotations was originally setup as a separate JAR with an independent
version so as to encourage reuse. However, until other product
indicate an interest in using Annotaitons and participating in its
development, managing a separate release process provides no tangible
benefit. Therefore, it's proposed that annotations become a part of
the general Struts 2 distribution, along with the various plugins, but
remain in its own JAR, so as to encourage reuse. If an independent
community forms around Annotations, we can revisit the issue of making
it a subproject with its own release cycle.

Archetype was original setup as a separate entity, but it might be
simpler to reduce the number of independent artifacts being released
by the project. The S2 Release Manager will have to update the version
number in the templates, but that seems like less work that
coordinating tandem releases, that might end up being handled by the
same volunteer anyway.

Again, this is as to the trunk. For now, we can let the 2.0 branch
stay as it is.

Further thoughts?


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