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From mraible <>
Subject Re: Structs 2 feedback
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2007 06:58:54 GMT

Brian Pontarelli wrote:
> Hey all. I wanted to drop the developers a few notes regarding my recent 
> experience with Struts2. I've been a Struts/WebWork user for quite some 
> time and recently attempted a stab at the Struts 2 switch because I'm 
> planning on using Struts 2 for building client sites for the company I 
> work for. Also, I definitely am trying to be very constructive and if I 
> come off badly I do apologize. Okay on to the info:
> 1. Arrived at the Struts homepage and Struts 2 almost looked dead. No 
> activity since October and no news or release information. Adding some 
> news every few weeks will help keep new comers from bailing.
> 2. Tried to download the release using the release navigation. Here I 
> was presented with the fact that there was a 2.0.1 BETA, which is the 
> latest development release. I spent the next while looking for the 2.0.0 
> release, figuring that was the last stable release. Couldn't find it 
> obviously. The versioning currently looks to the outside to be a 
> complete mess and it is very confusing and non standard. I would not 
> release a patch version (major.minor.patch) until the major version is 
> released. Therefore all the references to 2.0.1 through 2.0.6 are very 
> confusing because these are not really final releases, but all BETAs. 
> Plus, there is talk about 2.0.1 BETA and 2.0.4 and 2.0.6 and this is all 
> quite confusing. I would probably fix the version into a standard alpha, 
> beta, release candidate model. So, currently it would be something like 
> 2.0.0-RC6 or the like working towards a final release of 2.0.0.
> 3. The documentation for Struts 2 contains references to zero 
> configuration and the web.xml configuration file also contains this 
> stuff. There are also a number of references to all the annotations. 
> These are not available in the 2.0.1BETA JAR files and therefore I had a 
> hard time using them ;) I did find them in the nightly snapshots, which 
> aren't functional. I would keep the documentation inline with the latest 
> beta and not the latest nightly snapshot. Anyone who wants bleeding edge 
> will be willing to look at the source to see new stuff or build the 
> latest snapshot docs themselves.
> 4. The tutorials reference a hybrid of WebWork 2 configuration, classes, 
> tags and files and Struts2 configuration and files. This would 
> definitely be confusing for a newcomer. I would probably keep the 
> tutorials using only struts2 configuration, classes, tags and files 
> since that is what the latest beta release uses. I would in turn direct 
> folks to the WebWork wiki for running WebWork 2 if they don't want to 
> use the BETA release.
> 5. There is really no getting started document for Struts2. It would be 
> a bit of a stumbling block for a newcomer to have various JAR files in 
> the distribution without any clue on which to use or what the 
> 'struts2-all' jar contains. There should be a true Struts2 getting 
> started document that contains a complete step by step to getting an 
> application running. This could start with the CRUD made easy tutorial 
> for WW2 and make it more complete for Struts2.
> 6. From the guide perspective, it is very difficult to figure out how to 
> write actions. This information is buried in the Struts Configuration 
> Elements guide and in the Action Configuration guide under that. In fact 
> many of the top level and nested guides are a bit confusing and don't 
> necessarily follow the standard path developers will take when getting 
> started as well as when trying new things. The top level components 
> should be items will be working on when building an application such as 
> AJAX, Actions, Validation, etc. rather than items like "Struts 
> Configuration Elements" Under these headings would be the configuration, 
> the code, the interfaces, examples, etc. This will be how most folks are 
> going to be using Struts2. They'll be creating an action, adding 
> validation, handling action results, adding interceptors, etc. There are 
> a number of guides that are on the right track.
> 7. I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to grab the code because the 
> link is on the main Struts page. Adding a link to the Struts2 page will 
> help a lot.
> 8. Running the unit tests from the subversion repository causes out of 
> memory errors on my machine using the standard 16M of memory that maven 
> defaults to run with. I found that after the tests had run it required 
> almost 150M of memory to run the tests. I gave maven 512M, but this was 
> a stumbling block. This seems like a rather incorrect behavior for tests 
> since after each test there should be very little on the heap. Is there 
> a memory leak or some reason very large objects are hanging about?
> 9. This is a bit nit picky.... The current code in subversion is broken 
> therefore I was unable to run from sources. One of the things I really 
> like about many frameworks I've worked with and coded on was the fact 
> that a clean checkout was almost guaranteed to compile, test and run. 
> This helps a lot for folks that want the bleeding edge and to start 
> contributing.
> I'll try to keep looking around in source code and grabbing the latest 
> code to see how things are progressing. I'm also slated to have a large 
> amount of time at work devoted to getting the companies frameworks and 
> documentation up to the newest architecture I've created and would be 
> willing to help on Struts 2 work whenever possible. I'm particularly 
> interested in minimizing ramp up time as well as making application 
> development time minimal (zero config kinda stuff).
> Thanks,
> Brian Pontarelli

Sounds like you need AppFuse!

Sorry - I couldn't resist. ;-)


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