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From "David H. DeWolf" <>
Subject Re: [s2] Enhancement to Zero Config: Default Success Result
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2007 02:50:21 GMT

mraible wrote:
> Yes, this is what I'm looking for, and I was able to use it successfully.
> Strangely enough, I couldn't get the @Result annotation to work with zero
> config.  Is there anything special I need to do for that?

I use it and don't recall anything special.  Do you have errors that are 
occurring? What happens when you try to use it?

> One change I'd like to see to the codebehind plugin is the ability to
> specify the default location of pages. For example WEB-INF/pages.  Or is
> that what the "struts.codebehind.defaultPackage" constant is for? 

I'd also like to expand support so that all result values can be used as 
post fixes.  Instead of supporting just page-success.jsp and 
page-input.jsp, why not support page-whatevertheresultis.jsp.  Thoughts?

> I think it makes sense to combine Zero Config and Code Behind as they both
> seem to be doing the same thing.  Zero config means no config, and if
> there's still an @Result required - that's configuration, no? ;-)

I have a hard time envisioning someone using them separately as well. . .

> Thanks,
> Matt
> Tom Schneider-4 wrote:
>> See
>> The very first line from the docs are:
>> *
>> Default results* - The purpose of most Actions is to execute code to 
>> prepare the data for a specific page. The name of this page is often the 
>> same as the Action itself.
>> Is this not what your looking for, or is there more to it?  I've seen 
>> the Spring MVC support for this and this looks like exactly the same 
>> functionality to me.  In fact the struts version is more flexible 
>> because it looks for /NAMESPACE/ACTION-RESULT.jsp as well as 
>> Tom
>> mraible wrote:
>>> Is there a default success result when using Zero configuration?  I'd
>>> like to
>>> see this feature added.  Spring MVC has something similar, as does
>>> Tapestry.
>>> It's quite nice to simple create a controller, as well as a view without
>>> having to configure anything.
>>> Implementation ideas: specify the default directory on the filter, then
>>> name
>>> the JSP the same as the URL.
>>> For example, TestAction would expect a test.jsp page.
>>> Specify the default result type should be possible in struts.xml.  Maybe
>>> this setting should go there as well.  
>>> Does the actionPackages configuration belong in struts.xml instead of
>>> web.xml?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Matt
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