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From Musachy Barroso <>
Subject Re: Users guide
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2007 14:51:18 GMT

> It's also not clear whether the intention is to create new content or
> link to the old.
I think the idea is just to organize the info in a way that a user new 
to struts 2 can understand. From my personal experience, when I started 
with S2, I couldn't make sense out of the wiki, I had to read WW in 
Action, and after that, the wiki was just great!

> My suggestion would be to look at the existing content as an
> encyclopedia (or wikipedia), augmented by tutorials and FAQs.
> Personally, I'd suggest putting the effort into expanding the
> bootstrap tutorial, merging it with the CRUD tutorial, making sure all
> the FAQs on the list actually end up in the FAQ, and making the rest
> of the wiki the best encylopedia that it can be. There are also still
> many places where we don't use snippets hard enough, and so the
> content is out of date.
Good point. We could definitely consider that, because I think it would 
be good enough, to get the bootstrap edited and beefed up. The other 
problem would be duplicated documentation which would be hard to 
maintain. Besides, there's got to be a couple of S2 books on the make. Phil?

> But, we all have to scratch our own itches, and if a book-style user
> guide is your itch, more power to you :)

Well, I don't like writing at all, but I worry about the newbies :) .


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