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From "Wendy Smoak" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Struts Annotations 1.0.0
Date Sat, 27 Jan 2007 03:32:30 GMT
On 1/26/07, Don Brown <> wrote:

> Arg!! So now we have to start this whole process again, pushing the
> 2.0.4 release off at least three more days?  There has really got to be
> a better way to handle these types of minor modifications.  Since the
> lack of these two files is the only reason for a -1 vote in many days of
> voting, let's either retag 1.0.0 with the change or quickly run 1.0.1
> and publish it immediately.
> I think we need a 2.0.4 release this weekend, and yes, I'm prepared to
> do it if necessary.

No, it doesn't have to delay 2.0.4.  We can stage builds for
struts-annotations 1.0.1 and struts 2.0.4 together and vote on them at
the same time.

It's easier if all the dependencies are already in the central repo,
but not required as long as they all end up in there eventually.

To that end, struts-annotations 1.0.1 is staged here:

The release manager for Struts 2.0.4 will need to add a profile to
settings.xml so that Maven can find the struts-annotations jar:



Please also comment out any _snapshot_ repository or pluginRepository
definitions before tagging 2.0.4.  They are not necessary for a
release build that doesn't have snapshot dependencies, and leaving
them in causes problems in corporate environments.

I'll be around on and off this weekend, let me know about when you're
planning to do the release and I'll try to be available.


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