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From Eric Rank <>
Subject Re: Struts service facade
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2007 16:25:01 GMT

First, this is probably not a question for the dev list, but rather  
for the user list (

I haven't done much with Flex, but I'm familiar enough with the  
technology to hopefully shed some light on your situation. Struts is  
designed to serve HTTP requests. I don't think Flex is designed out  
of the box to use HTTP to transfer the serialized objects you need.  
Basically, Struts, and the servlet container that it runs in, just  
sends HTTP responses. By default, Flex uses a different protocol.

As such, you probably want to check out the Flex HTTPService, which  
looks like it is designed to make use of HTTP responses, which a  
Struts app will serve, within Flex.

Check out this article:

Eric Rank

On Jan 24, 2007, at 9:00 AM, einundswanzig wrote:

> einundswanzig wrote:
>> Im new in Struts, in fact im pretty new in Java, but i have  
>> programmed for
>> Coldfusion, C#/VB and Flex. Im trying to connect to a J2EE server  
>> with
>> Struts on it using Flex. Flex is able to call a java component on the
>> server and execute a method and then serialize the result and  
>> deserialize
>> it in an Actionscript(scripting language of flex) object. In my  
>> imaginary
>> app Flex will provide the View, so im trying to find a way to enable
>> Struts to serve just a result without a JSP or HTML page, i just  
>> want the
>> result. Oh god this is confusing....
> Sorry, may be i am unable to explain what i want to do, so i will  
> enter in
> some details. What i understand is that when a request to a Struts- 
> enabled
> app, the request is passed to the controller, the controller then  
> create
> some kind of object based on the request and then send that to the  
> "handler"
> then the handler do whatever it should and then send a result
> (forwardsomehing is called) back to the controller which at the end  
> render a
> page. What i want to do its avoiding the controller render that  
> page, and
> just sent back "the result", for example an object, a bean to be  
> consumed by
> flex...Just like if you were calling a function, since Flex is able to
> serialize java objects and deserialize them into actionscript  
> objects. I
> mean, im trying to enable Struts to serve to different clients, for  
> example
> Flex or an applet...
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