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From "Ted Husted" <>
Subject Re: Struts 2.0.3 status
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2007 13:53:09 GMT
I'll be tied up the rest of the week, but if no one beats me to it, I
can tag and roll Struts 2.0.3 on Sunday. If anyone had a chance to
look at the remaining Showcase examples, that would be helpful. It
could save us the trouble of a 2.0.4.

As discussed elsewhere, once 2.0.3 is tagged, we plan to dub the head
2.1.0-DEV, and dive into the Ajax tag reorganization. If we do need a
2.0.4, we can branch 2.0.x at 2.0.3.


On 1/8/07, Ted Husted <> wrote:
> If we discount the Ajax examples as "experimental", then we are down
> to just a very Showcase examples to fix. I didn't have time to look
> farther into these this morning, so I don't know if these are problems
> with the example code or the framework code.
> *
> Conversion
> * conversion/enterAddressesInfo.action
> ** Submitting an address returns a blank page
> * conversion/submitOperationEnumInfo.action
> ** Select an operation returns: Invalid field value for field
> "selectedOperations".
> ** Selecting no operation returns a blank page.
> File Download
> * The example presents the Struts logo, but doesn't offer to save it locally.
> Person Manager
> * The Other Skills combobox doesn't accept the selected item, and
> there is a bogus entry at the bottom of the list.
> Tags / UI Tags / Tree / Static | Dynamic
> * Debug messages from Dojo are printing: FATAL exception raised: Could
> not load 'struts.widget.DatePicker'; last tried '__package__.js'
> ** The DatePicker pages don't have this message.
> Tags / UI Tags / TimePicker
> * Is there a way to specify now? "Today" sets the value to midnight.
> * The DE and NL versions do not seem to be internationalized in any way.
> Validation / JavaScript
> * The JavaScript validation does not seem to be working at all.
> * The String Length validator field sees an empty string as a value
> and can prompt even when empty (the usage on Field Validator doesn't
> seem to have this problem).
> -Ted.

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