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From Tom Schneider <>
Subject Re: [s2] Pluggable URL building proposal
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2007 03:22:51 GMT
I am very ashamed to report that I didn't get very far.  (too much snow 
to shovel last weekend)  I was able to analyze what each type of url 
would need, i.e. portlet vs. normal url.  I think our best best is to 
have a data bean that encapsulates non-stardard stuff for each url type 
along with a seperate bean that captures the standard stuff.

Generic stuff:

Portlet specific data:

This is just a start, but it gives you an idea of what I'm thinking.  I 
also noticed how asymmetric the PortalURLHelper and the URLHelper are.   
Most of the refactoring would probably happen in these classes, so the 
final API would probably be something of a mix between the 2.  Just some 
random thoughts for you to chew on.  I'll post more if I find some time 
to look into this some more.  I'd like to come up with a proposed API 
for everyone (mostly me and you Don) to review.  Once we agree on that, 
the implementation should be pretty straightforward.

Don Brown wrote:
> I _love_ this idea as it is been something I've wanted to tackle 
> myself for a while now.  I'm very interested in your progress, so let 
> us know what you find.
> Don
> Tom Schneider wrote:
>> Based on the portlet plugin proposal and some work I've been doing 
>> with the table tags, I thought I would propose a refactor of the URL 
>> building for struts2.  Right now, struts2 has great support for 
>> taking on incoming request and mapping it to the core elements of the 
>> framework (i.e. namespace, action, method, etc.) in the ActionMapper 
>> interface.  It seems like we should be doing the same for building 
>> URL's.  This would allow the url tag to be completely dumb about how 
>> url's are built up.  Right now, the url tag has specific logic to 
>> determine if the request is a portlet request or not and uses 
>> PortletUrlHelper or UrlHelper respectively.  If the url building was 
>> pluggable, we would have a default url builder that would be 
>> configured to build either portlet url's or regular url's.  This 
>> would allow us to easily extract the portlet support out into a 
>> separate plugin.  It would also allow 3rd part tags (like table tags) 
>> transparent, built-in portlet support with almost no effort.  We 
>> could also support other types of url's like Restful urls.  (Right 
>> now, I'm not sure how the url tag supports restful url's)
>> I'll take a preliminary look at this later today, but I was curious 
>> if anyone thoughts, pro or con regarding this.
>> Tom
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