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From Tom Schneider <>
Subject Re: [s2] Spring MVC Plugin
Date Thu, 11 Jan 2007 14:27:49 GMT
So this would allow a user to write convert a S1 action over to S2, but 
keep the JSP exactly the same?  Or would it just allow S1 tags to be used in
S2?  WW already supports using JSTL tags out-of-the-box--I'm not sure 
you wouldn't need anything special to support s1 tag.  (I haven't worked 
with S1 in 4 years)  Spring MVC tags are nothing to brag about. :)

I think one of the truly great benefits of WW/Struts 2 tags is how easy 
they are to customize.  We recently went from a home grown web framework 
to WW and converting the JSP was a pretty straightforward process.  Once 
you did one, the others were pretty much the same process.  Getting the 
intercepters right and writing the actions was the part that required 
some true development effort.  We took the approach of keeping our old 
web framework servlet running and adding the WW servlet to the existing 
framework.  This was a decent solution to the migration issue.  (That 
solution didn't cross my mind when I wrote about my Spring MVC idea)  
Based on that, I'm not sure how many people would really use the Spring 
MVC plugin.  (or the struts 1 plugin)  Does anyone disagree with me? :)

Ted Husted wrote:
> Speaking of plugins, Don's been laying the groundwork for tag plugins,
> so that we can create a struts-dojo plugingto supercede the Ajax theme
> in Struts 2.1.x.
> A related idea might be S1 or Spring MVC tag plugins that exposed
> another tag API but utilized the valuestack and such under the hood.
> I don't have any S1 applications that I need to migrate, so this isn't
> something that would interest me personally, but I'm sure such a thing
> would help a great many people.
> The neat thing about plugins is that we already have a registry,
> making it easy for anyone to create and share a plugin.
> -Ted.
> On 1/9/07, Tom Schneider <> wrote:
>> Has anyone given any thought to a Spring MVC plugin--kind of like the
>> Struts 1.x integration.  I know the Spring MVC community isn't huge, but
>> giving them a migration path might win over some converts.  (I might
>> look into it at some point)  I'm just curious if other people thought
>> this would be a useful plugin or not worth the effort.
>> Tom
>> (I'll make Clarity happen yet if I have to do it single handedly :) )
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