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From Tom Schneider <>
Subject Re: OGNL performance detrimental to Struts 2
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2007 05:19:02 GMT
Tonight I was looking at abstracting away OGNL from xwork.  (I was 
pretty far before I gave up for the night, about a half dozen OGNL 
references in xwork that I'll have to look at a little closer)  So I 
took a look at what it would take to integrate MVEL.  First, the lack of 
javadoc is a little disappointing.  (There wasn't a single line of 
javadoc comment that I could find)  Secondly, the integration guide 
isn't very extensive, just some basic examples.  Based on these 2 items 
alone, it may not be as trivial as advertised to figure out how to 
integrate MVEL into XWork.  On the other hand OGNL is not without it's 
issues. :)

I'll probably look at it a bit later when I'm farther with xwork, but 
that's my take on it thus far for what it's worth.

Chris Brock wrote:
> Don't dare me.  I'm pretty ambitious.  I wrote MVEL 1.0 in three days.
> Don Brown-2 wrote:
>> I'd like it to be possible for a Struts developer to swap in a new EL, 
>> perhaps MVEL, if they didn't like OGNL for some reason.  If you can 
>> create a patch to make that happen, I would consider it my early 
>> Christmas present :)
>> Don
>> Chris Brock wrote:
>>> Why do you think it would be so terribly difficult?  What does MVEL not
>>> support that is currently supported by OGNL that would not be fixable by
>>> a
>>> few tweaks to MVEL's syntax?
>>> Generally, MVEL's API architecture follows the same pattern as OGNL,
>>> supports type coercion, conversion, projections, etc.  
>>> Not to mention that MVEL is now an active project and OGNL is not, and of
>>> course the performance advantage in MVEL which is only getting better by
>>> the
>>> day.
>>> Don Brown-2 wrote:
>>>> If you can find a way to completely replace OGNL by MVEL, I'd be very 
>>>> interested to see it. :)
>>>> Don

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