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From David Rupp <>
Subject per-method validations for annotations
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2007 03:43:43 GMT
Hi, all.

I've submitted a patch to the XWork project (issue XW-470) that  
enables per-method validations when using annotations. This is, IMO,  
an improvement over the current behavior, with which all validations  
are attached to the class, and *all* fire when *any* method is  
executed. Since validation annotations, by definition, *must* be  
defined on a specific method, it seems more reasonable to expect that  
the validations defined on a given method would fire when - and only  
when - that method is executed.

I have a specific need for this behavior on my current project, but  
I'd rather not be in the position of maintaining a forked version of  
XWork just for it. I'd love it if some of the folks from this group  
could take a look at my patch (included on the issue) and let me know  
how it can be improved, assuming I'm not the only one who would like  
to see this behavior implemented.


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