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From tm jee <>
Subject Re: [S2] XWork Status Quo
Date Mon, 01 Jan 2007 19:15:29 GMT
Happy new year guys. :-)

WebWork just like any other open-source project follows the open-source spirits. It is very
much driven by the community itself. Features are often implemented when they are substantial
enough, it doesn't matter if it originated from users, commiters or the project leads themself.
Discussions are normally done until an agreement reach prior to having them implemented. I'd
say opensymphony is very much like ASF minus the rigid rules. 

Just want to say that from my experience its been both fun and educational at the same time
working under the lead of Pat/Jason/Rainer with the community. Jason might be at times a bit
harsh at words but he is very much most of the time accurately true.   

Cheers guys. :-)

Don Brown <> wrote: To fight philosophy with philosophy ;), the goal
of Struts 2 has been 
pretty much the same since we started: to simplify web development to 
create a more developer-friendly framework.  We've been following the 
Struts Ti plan [1] roughly since late 2005.  WebWork was brought on 
board as it was the perfect, solid and proven framework that these ideas 
could be built upon.

The current driving goal of Struts 2 is to get a GA release out.  Yes, 
we've implemented some pretty core changes and resolved a lot of the 
rough spots [2] in WebWork 2, and now it is time to get them out to the 
wider public.  Following such progress can be difficult, particularly 
because of the organization structure of Struts and Apache projects in 
general.  In WebWork, you had two project leads that directed efforts.  
In Struts, you have a group of committers on the Project Management 
Committee (PMC), each with an equal voice in determining where the 
project is going.  As expected, each PMC member has their own idea of 
where the project should go, so direction and conflicts are more 
difficult to discern and resolve.

That said, I'm very confident that we are all on board to get Struts 2 
out and make it the best framework available.  All I can tell you is to 
follow the dev mailing list and get involved in the discussions.  That 
is the best way to keep abreast of the changes and directions, as well 
as move the project to where you want it to go.  If you see a change you 
don't like, speak up!  Your voice is just as important as anyone else's, 
and the more talented people we have behind the project, the better.



Alexandru Popescu wrote:
> First of all Happy New Year to everyone! .... and then a bit of a
> philosophical email - something related to previous post by Rainer and
> something that bothered me for the last couple of months.
> Before the merge, I was spending a lot of my spare time contributing
> to WW and on the XWork side along with Rainer, Jason, and occasionally
> a couple of more guys. The direction was clear for everybody and
> everybody knew where we are heading to. During the merge and
> afterwards, I got very confused... I've seen lots of emails in the
> form: "hey I've thought about this incredible idea, how does it
> sound?... oh by the way I have already implemented it... (and as a
> side note it changes everything you knew about the underlying
> pieces)". At this point I have stepped back a bit and I have started
> to just watch because I HAD NO IDEA where we want to go - and not the
> generic answers. There are lots of discussions about alphas, betas,
> GAs, etc releases but I haven't seen a single one that would qualify
> itself to be promoted to final users.
> Now I see Rainer asking for help and I tend to see the reasons why.
> And as always I would be happy to help, but I frankly would like to
> see what the intentions are. Because, once again, I would like to
> understand why I would put my efforts behind it - and hopefully not
> just to create a couple of alphas, betas, etc.
> BR,
> ./alex
> -- 
> .w( the_mindstorm )p.
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