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From "Ted Husted" <>
Subject Re: [s1.3.6] Let's put a fork in it?
Date Sat, 09 Dec 2006 14:05:33 GMT
In the normal course, we don't pre-distribute the intended libraries,
and if we did it would be in "SNAPSHOT" form. We can't remove the
"SNAPSHOT" moniker until we are ready to do the deed, otherwise there
would be confusion as to which is the "real" release.

First, the development groups tests it ourselves by compiling the
distribution locally, as you are doing now. When we are ready to go
onto the next step and deploy the HEAD with our own applications, we
tag and roll the release. After testing the release, ideally in
production, we decide if it is Alpha, Beta, or GA quality.

There have been a lot of infrastructure and build changes lately, so
we have posted some interim snapshots, mainly to be sure the code and
documentation are being assembled correctly. But, at this point,
Struts 1 should be by the numbers.

For details on what we need to do, there's a S2 step by step, which
would also apply to S1



On 12/8/06, Paul Benedict <> wrote:
> Ted,
> I have created a release notes page:
> I accomplished the beginning until Play test applications.
> However, everything is still labeled as -SNAPSHOT. The instructions are
> not clear when that should be removed so people can play with the
> intended libraries.
> Paul

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