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From "Ted Husted" <>
Subject Re: [S2] Struts 2.0.2 Build - ON HOLD
Date Fri, 08 Dec 2006 03:06:43 GMT
We're making progress. There were already problems with the 2.0.1
Showcase, a few of which we fixed, but we've also added several new
problems, namely

Continuation - continuations/guess.action
* pause doesn't pause and the example runs through all the guesses on
the first execution

Prefix example
* redirect-action throws a null pointer exception

UI Tag Input Example (both) - tags/ui/example!input.action
* birthday field missing and not linked to control
* color blank, picture blank

If example (freemarker)
* freemarker version doesn't wrap #26 through #33, they run together
as a paragraph
* (In 2.0.1, both versions ran everything together.)

Person Manager
* Create returns: No result defined for action
org.apache.struts2.showcase.person.NewPersonAction and result input
* List returns: No result defined for action
org.apache.struts2.showcase.person.ListPeopleAction and result success

* Validation messages "stack up" on resubmit
* Submit button is at top left rather than bottom right

Store across request using MessageStoreInterceptor (Example)
* If provide an age, but not a name, the system returns for the name,
but clears the age.
* The validation messages appear at the top and next to the field,
which is confusing.

* Ajax, Selected letters not displayed.

This is in addition to five problems remaining from the 2.0.1, and
several "quirks".

Since we seem to be losing ground, it doesn't seem appropriate to tag
another build until we have at least stabalized our own Showcase.
Right now, all the problems are being tracked in


I'm tied up until Monday evening. If anyone has a chance to look at
these, please dive in.


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