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From "Ted Husted" <>
Subject Re: [tiles2] Tiles TLP and Dimensions incubation
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2006 20:32:47 GMT
On 12/1/06, Nathan Bubna <> wrote:
> excellent!  so long as we do not plan to ban any and all subprojects
> from this Tiles TLP we're trying to create, i will be happy.   but, if
> you'd like, feel free to join me in my quest and differentiate between
> "conceptual bucket TLPs" and "code-connected umbrella TLPs".  :)
> since we began the effort to extricate the Velocity umbrella from the
> Jakarta bucket, i've been making a concerted effort to refine the
> language here in hopes of changing how the ASF thinks about these
> issues.

Even HTTPD has "subprojects"


Part of the problem is that the ASF is itself  "conceptual bucket
umbrella", and when projects create their own umbrellas, we have
umbrellas within umbrellas. The board and membership have never said
that a project needs to be a certain size --  beyond a qurom of
positive three to authorize a release. If there's community enough to
release, there's community enough for a PMC.

A tipping point is when the subproject becomes useful outside the
scope of the core project. Since "we eat our own dogfood," the set of
PMC members should be a subset of the project users. Likewise, the set
of subproject contributors should also be a subset of the set of core
project users.

In the case of Tiles, we have reached the point where the set of Tiles
contributors may not be a subset of Struts users. Therefore, it's time
for TIles to have its own PMC, that represents a subset of all the
TIles users, whether they are Struts users or not.


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