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From "Dave Newton" <>
Subject RE: referencing spring beans from struts.xml
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2006 18:36:47 GMT
> From: David Durham []
> I kind of stumbled over the spring "glue" for struts, rereading the
> wiki page a few times before the struts.xml action _class_ needs to
> reference the bean name attribute from spring's configuration.  Just
> thinking about it a little more, that seems a bit esoteric.  Would it
> be better to have the class attribute be specified as "spring::bean"
> or "spring:bean", something like that?

You can turn off the autowiring if you don't like how it works or
configure the actions explicitly (I think...)

I didn't find it particularly esoteric that if you have an id and setter
that match that it injects it for you, but that's just me :)


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