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From Don Brown <>
Subject [proposal] Tag reorganization
Date Wed, 27 Dec 2006 23:13:14 GMT
Ok, let's put this into a formal proposal.  I propose that we extract 
any Dojo-related tags and behaviors into a new tag library.  This new 
library could extend the old tags for the purposes of adding 
Dojo-related attributes, however, it should be its own logical tag 
library.  We should keep the old themeable tags, but look to speed up 
the simple theme, probably through a Java rendering engine.

The new Dojo-based tags will contain:
 - The date picker
 - The rich text editor
 - Any remote div-loading tags
 - Extensions of existing tags to add new Dojo-related attributes and 
rendering.  If it isn't possible to extend the existing tags/components 
and add new parameters, then we'll make it so.
 - Dojo.  We'll pull all the Dojo files out of core.

We will be left with the original, themeable tags.  These tags will 
still use the theme engines and we'll keep the xhtml theme, but write or 
include a simple tooltip Javascript library to we don't need to import 
all of Dojo.  Ideally, I'd like to see the simple tags rendered with 
Java for superior performance, but that part of the proposal can wait.  
These tags will retain as much as backwards compatibility as possible, 
with the exception of the missing Ajax theme.  Any ajax functionality 
that used DWR will remain in the old tags and be moved to the xhtml theme.

I'd like to move on this quickly and have it completed within two weeks.



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