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From Don Brown <>
Subject New Confluence snippet plugin
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2006 08:00:49 GMT
I've finished work on a new version of the Confluence Snippet macro that 
we use in our Struts docs.  This new version features:

 - Plugin configuration page to change all settings (no longer 
hard-coded to Struts)
 - URL's are restricted to defined prefixes (more secure)
 - Snippet errors are recorded and displayed per space (under space 
admin -> Snippet Errors)
 - Ability to flush the cache and snippet errors from the web interface 
(in Snippet Errors and plugin config page)

Hopefully, as a user, you should notice no changes, as it should be 
fully backwards-compatible with the old macro.

I'd like to give it a few days for testing, then if all goes well, roll 
version 1.0 and announce availability to other ASF projects.  The old 
snippet plugin was hard-coded to Struts, so it was of no use to anyone 
else, while the new version allows Confluence admins to set up new url 
prefixes at any time.

I'll also use these next few days to write the proper docs and register 
it with the official Confluence plugin list and resources.


PS. In testing, I notice we still have a lot of snippets pointing to 
xwork 1.2.  After 1.0, I plan to remove the xwork 1.2 prefixes so that 
errors will be thrown and subsequently show up on the snippet errors 
page.  This will help us find the offending snippets.

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