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From john <>
Subject Re: We need to clean up the Struts 2 AJAX tags (was Re: Additional UI tags)
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2006 14:57:59 GMT
>From a user's perspective, I am not sure I would like to see the cutoff be any Dojo widget-related
tags, for as both Ian and Musachy have pointed out, you are now using dojo across themes and
thus one core tag might get the boot in one or more themes due to its dojo javascript library

And that, in part, is what I would like to raise as one of your core issues: The java script
library implementation.  In the current case, you have chosen Dojo, a fine choice.  In another
dimension, the Struts2 team might have chosen prototype/sciptaculous.  In either case, as
javascript is required for core tags one would expect that you would naturally lever the capabilities
of the chosen Javascript library.  More importantly, however, we as users of the overall framework
will be well served by levering the same framework for our own ad hoc javascript needs.  My
main point here, is if you adopt Dojo as an implementation then we as users have a lot to
gain by levering the same framework. 

I agree with Don, the whole Web 2.0 terminology thing is out of hand and the definition of
Ajax will change depending on who you ask, but don't let that take away from one fundamental
truth, users are well served by leveraging frameworks like dojo as they attempt to pull the
Ajax rabbit out of their collective hats.  To that end, I think you have to begin by stating
what your implementation is.  Once you say, Dojo 0.4, then that choice exists at a level above
theme and core tags.  Indeed, you might well consider placing your themes under an implementation
specific directory.  In this way, should Dojo 0.5 arrive, or you decide to try another library
all together, you can organize your themes and core tags by the new implementation.  That
and now the user has an unambiguous understanding of which javascript implementation is available
for leveraging outside of theme specific core tags..
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