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From Mark Menard <>
Subject Re: Value Stack Question
Date Sat, 18 Nov 2006 17:28:29 GMT
On 11/18/06 12:02 PM, "Ian Roughley" <> wrote:

> <ww:debug /> tag should list the stack.

Yea, I'm working with the DebuggingInterceptor at the moment. The issue with
that is it tries to start traversing my whole data model. :( So, I've hacked
on it a little and added a max depth to the serializeIt() method. Setting
that to a reasonable number gets me what I need. Might not work for
everyone. I'm also thinking about hacking on it a bit more so you can
specify via a param what you want it to serialize (ie. context, request,
valuestack, etc.) I just don't know how to access a param that is in the
struts.xml <interceptor> tag. (Another thing to learn.) Also it would be
nice to give it a max depth via configuration. I'm sure I'm not the only
person who's ever had it try to crawl their whole data model.

> Remember that the local vars (from loops & tags) as well as the model will be
> on the stack first - so if the variable has the same name you will need to
> better specify its location.

Something like that is what I'm running into.

I'm working on implementing a "conversation scope" to manage multiple
conversations of the same type for which I need to save state between
screens. I can't just throw the "model" into the session and get it back,
because the user could have multiple "conversations" of the particular type
going on at the same time. I could do this on an ad-hoc basis, on a per
action basis, but I thought a more holistic solution might be worth the
effort. Then I can submit it for inclusion in S2 if there is interest.



PS: Also thanks to Wendy for pointing me in the direction of the debug
interceptor. :) You very well might have saved my weekend.

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