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From Don Brown <>
Subject Re: Showcase and zero xml config
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2006 23:34:45 GMT
Ted Husted wrote:
> Dynamic method calling isn't evil. Essentially, the framework
> framework defaults a dynamic method call to execute, when no other is
> specified. Wildcards utilize dynamic method calling too.
> The problem is how the original dynamic method calling is
> *implemented*. The original implementation doesn't create a virtual
> mapping, as do wildcards and the plugin. Exception code detects the
> bang, parses it out, and calls the other method -- behind the back of
> the rest of the framework. It was not implemented as a first-class
> feature. It's closer to a prototype feature that we never took to the
> next level.
> I'll look at the ClassPathProvider to see if we can use that to
> finally fix the original she-bang implementation.
Ah, OK, I see where you are coming from now.  Sure, if you use the 
classpath provider, the problem is really solved.  We could create a 
mapper for every action method we discover - "action", "action!execute", 
"action!input" - which also has the advantage of making the 
configuration browser plugin, which I think we really should promote 
more, more useful.


> -Ted.
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