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From Antonio Petrelli <>
Subject Re: [tiles2] Usefulness of entity resolver in DigesterDefinitionsReader
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2006 14:05:33 GMT
Hi David!

David H. DeWolf ha scritto:
> Which registrations are you referring to?

In DigesterDefinitionsReader there is the "registrations" field 
(currenly it contains only one registration), used to initialize the 
digester in the constructor.

> I was on the road - without a connection - this weekend and was unable 
> to successfully startup the tiles-test app without it (IOException, 
> connection refused to, so I'm assuming the answer 
> is no.  That said, I saw that you upgraded the dtd's to 2.0 this 
> weekend, so perhaps you did something in that commit that I missed 
> that would have taken care of this problem.

You're right, some configuration files still referred to 1.1 version of 
the DTD, so I modified them all, reopening (and re-resolving) SB-30 
issue. Probably you got this problem because JUnit tests failed, and 
therefore the package wasn't built.

To test if the registrations are enough, I disconnected the network 
cable (ehm... don't try this at home :-) ) and it worked.


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