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From "Eduardo Simioni" <>
Subject Tiles +GetTag +Tomcat 5.? problem
Date Wed, 08 Nov 2006 17:55:32 GMT
Hi all,

I'm facing a problem with Tiles GetTag on recent Tomcat versions
(couldn't find the exact version, but is the one packaged with Sun
Application Server EE 8).

I have (among others) a <tiles:get name="menu" /> tag.

That "menu" can be present or not as it is programmatically inserted.

If it's not present, the page should just omit it. That's what happens
on earlier Tomcat versions (like the one packaged in Sun Application
Server EE 7, again, don't know exactly which version).

If the the attribute is null:

== null

Tiles doesn't find the attribute (ok until here), but then, it tries
to process it as a URL and falls on the following error: "The
requested resource (/jsp/_template/menu) is not available". This error
is shown on the page, where nothing should appear.

This happens even if I set the attribute ignore="true" in the tag
(what is not necessary on earlier Tomcat versions).

If I put a blank "menu" file on _template dir, it works ok, but this
is not a solution as I have many other parts dynamically inserted.

The application works well with Struts 1.1, 1.2.9 and 1.3.5 on SAS7
but doesn't work with any of these versions on SAS8.

I know it it's not a bug in Struts, but in Tomcat. Does anyone know a
decent workaround for this bug?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Eduardo Simioni.

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