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From "Frank W. Zammetti" <>
Subject Re: Struts 2 & AJAX only with dojo?
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2006 16:23:42 GMT
I for one tend to agree... anything included in the core product
inherently makes people think that's what they should be using, the way
things should be done... for all Dojo's good points, there's hundreds of
other options out there, people should understand they have a choice. 
This isn't just a Dojo thing, I'd say the same thing if it was Prototype,
APT, DWR, etc.

That being said, I do very much believe the various themes should be kept
close to the core, i.e., some sort of endorsed add-ons or something of
that nature, right there on the download page next to S2 itself... I
definitely do think it should be as easy as possible for someone to drop
in a scriptaculous theme, or an AjaxTags theme, or whatever else, and get
to work very quickly.

Validation is a tough question because ideally you'd want to be able to
flip a switch and use AJAX to do validations if you want to, but then you
right away have to ask what library do you use?  Maybe that's a place to
just write some simple Javascript and not use a library at all, much like
valdator emits its own JS (debatable).


Frank W. Zammetti
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On Mon, November 6, 2006 9:48 am, Ian Roughley wrote:
> We've talked about this a lot, and I'm still not sure what the correct
> answer is.
> At the moment we have a dojo theme (not going to go into the history
> here - check the webwork mailing list if you're interested).  Like any
> other product it has it's advantages and disadvantages - the same as
> prototype.  However, I'm still not convinced that the ajax themes belong
> in the core product.  There may be particular core elements (i.e. ajax
> validation) that we include, but others I think should be separate
> project.
> What does everyone else think?
> /Ian
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> Rene Gielen wrote:
>> Hi Frank, others,
>> Am Sa, 4.11.2006, 21:49, schrieb Frank W. Zammetti:
>>> [...]
>>> ... indeed, there is active
>>> work being done to integrate DWR that I'm aware of, and also I believe
>>> I've seen discussion of AjaxTags integration (although I think that
>>> depends on Dojo as well, I may be mistaken there, I haven't kept up
>>> lately
>>> as well as I'd like).
>> For DWR, it is that the "client side" validation in Struts2/WW is done
>> with DWR (it feels client side because no full request is needed, while
>> in
>> fact it is a server side validation). This integration is already fully
>> functional. In addition, DWR 2 now seems to support direct action
>> invocation for S2/WW.
>>> And yes, I think the approach you'd want to take is create a
>>> scriptaculous
>>> theme (and again, someone will correct me if I'm wrong)... whether it
>>> should extend xhtml theme or not I can't really answer because I
>>> haven't
>>> looked at the theme support in enough detail to know... it doesn't
>>> *sound*
>>> wrong to me though :)
>> Yes, this should be the way to go, and xhtml would be the right parent
>> to
>> start with. I remember this is not the first time hearing about someone
>> having scriptaculous tag support on his wishlist... if someone would
>> kick
>> this off, maybe others would join the effort?
>> Regards,
>> Rene
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