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From tm jee <>
Subject Re: Will Struts2 use OGNL as WW did?
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2006 00:01:01 GMT
Hi guys, 

I think this option is mentioned before in Struts2 maling list (by Ted if not mistaken). What
do you guys think about us forking Ognl? Ognl is just too important to WebWork/Struts2.

Thoughts? Good? Bad? 


Alexandru Popescu <> wrote: On 11/6/06, Don Brown
> Vitor Souza wrote:
> >> I'd love to have proper generics support in OGNL.  If
> >> you create an OGNL
> >> patch, be sure to let the Struts dev list know so we
> >> can ensure it gets in.
> >> Don
> >>
> >
> > Don,
> >
> > I hacked OnglRuntime until it worked, but I don't think I have enough knowledge
of OGNL and Generics to say that it would work in all cases and that it won't break other
parts of it. That's the reason I haven't submitted it as a patch.
> >
> > However, if you'd like I could create a JIRA (Bugzilla?) issue and attach the changes
(which are described here:
and also a small example application that demonstrates the problem.
> >
> Yes, please create the ticket.  Unfortunately, I don't believe there is
> anyone left who _does_ have enough knowledge of OGNL to truely vet it :(

At some point I was enough familiar with OGNL, but this happened a
while ago. And I must confess I am not 100% generics familiar :-S.

.w( the_mindstorm )p.

> > In this thread I mentioned I ran into a new issue, one that my OGNL hack wasn't
enough to fix. It turns out that it is not true. In fact, the problem was that I misconfigured
Struts2. Apparently, the ActionMapper is not the same as WebWork's and using my old xwork.xml
configuration wouldn't work. After I fixed it, the CRUD operations worked fine on Struts2
(thanks to the OGNL hack).
> >
> What exactly was the problem with the xwork.xml?  I'd like to keep as
> much backwards compatibility as possible.
> Don
> > I have deleted the old files (from previous post) and made available new ones, with
the application working properly. If anyone would like to see it, download
and run it. You will need a HSQLDB server running with a database called "cookbook". The source
code is also availabe at (the
whole Eclipse project). To see the error, delete the folder WEB-INF/classes/ognl from the
WAR and try the CRUD operations. Last, but not least, I forgot to delete struts.locale=pt_BR
from WEB-INF/classes/ Delete it (or change it) so the WebSite won't appear
in Portuguese.
> >
> > Sorry I can't help further, but if any Struts developer would take this issue to
him(her)self, I'd be glad to assist him(her). I think this is a big issue, considering that
Struts 2.0 will use OGNL and backwards compatibility is taken very seriously, as has been
> >
> > Vitor Souza
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