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From "David H. DeWolf" <>
Subject Re: [tiles2] Tiles Container API? (was Re: [tiles2] TilesContextFactory refactor)
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2006 01:52:56 GMT
I don't see these factory implementations changing much.  Instead, what 
will change is how tiles interfaces with surrounding frameworks. 
Specifically how it is:

1) Configured/Initialized
2) Invoked
3) Destroyed

By surrounding frameworks.

Instead of utilizing a series of static invocations, what I envision is 
a container being instantiated and initialized. When ever the framework 
needs to invoke it, it will retrieve it - probably from a static cache 
that it maintains or from the servlet context - and will invoke instance 

What this does is create a "container" environment in which frameworks 
can "inject" custom implementations of the different Factories/Service. 
  By taking this approach, I think it will be easier to support this 
level of customization.  We will also avoid the common classloader issue 
which we briefly mentioned and thus be able to support multiple 
application contexts if necessary (even though we decided it's not).


Antonio Petrelli wrote:
> Greg Reddin ha scritto:
>> On Oct 26, 2006, at 8:03 AM, David H. DeWolf wrote:
>>> I'll probably have some time to finish up the TilesContextFactory 
>>> configuration today and start doing some work on removing 
>>> duplication. Once I get through that I'll start putting some 
>>> container ideas down into code.  The first step of that process will 
>>> be to define the tiles container api.  What are those things that we 
>>> want to expose to the world?
>> ... Antonio may have more input since he's working with some Tiles 
>> extensions.
> The "extension" that Greg was writing about is Dimensions:
> In the HEAD of the CVS repository I am trying to port Dimensions to 
> Tiles 2. Although it is not updated to the latest changes it could be 
> helpful. In my case I created:
> * a class (KeyedComponentDefinitionsImpl) that extends 
> ComponentDefinitionsImpl, allowing to store Tiles definition in a 
> different manner (it uses the user's role and the calling device, 
> besides locale, to store specific definitions);
> * a pair of classes (ChannelDefinitionsFactory and 
> ConfigurableDefinitionsFactory) that extend UrlDefinitionsFactory, that 
> interpret the HTTP request and return the correct definition, using  
> KeyedComponentDefinitionsImpl for the storage.
> How does your "container" fit in?
> Antonio
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