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From Don Brown <>
Subject Re: <s:datepicker> in Struts 2
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2006 21:02:00 GMT
Hmm...didn't you have a ticket in about problems with the html 
extension?  As for the date picker, the real solution is to take the WW 
tag and spin it off into its own Struts plugin, but hosted at 
OpenSymphony.  For an application that uses the WW date picker, the Dojo 
one won't be an adequate replacement by a long shot.


Matt Raible wrote:
> I'm trying to upgrade Equinox ( to Struts
> 2.  So far, the only major issue I've found is the datepicker
> component doesn't seem to work.  It looks like it's using dojo, but
> dojo is never included in the <head>.  Is there a tag I need to do add
> to get dojo included?  Below is the results of view-source:
> (goes off to investigate a bit more...)
> After investigation, I've come to find I need <s:head/> in the <head>
> of my JSP for this to work properly.  So now the dojo files are
> imported, but I get the following error:
> Could not load 'dojo.widget.html.DatePicker'; last tried '__package__.js'
> This is probably related to the fact that I use *.html as my
> extension, as does dojo for its templates.  Is there anyway to change
> this or am I forced to use a different extension for my actions?
> Thanks,
> Matt
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