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From "David H. DeWolf" <>
Subject Re: [tiles2] Classpath Configuration
Date Mon, 16 Oct 2006 11:36:48 GMT
Great!  Thanks . . .

Once you commit, I'll refactor the classpath loading support that I've 
been working on to leverage your changes and upload a patch for your review.


Antonio Petrelli wrote:
> Greg Reddin ha scritto:
>> I looked briefly at the patch and I have no opposition to it.  I 
>> originally didn't like the fact that it excluded Locale as a first 
>> class citizen when determining which definition to return.  I'm still 
>> not real excited about that part.  I think locale-based definitions 
>> are a core feature of Tiles, not an optional feature.  By replacing 
>> locale with TilesContext we've essentially made it optional.  The fact 
>> that it processes by locale is only an implementation detail.  
>> Hopefully, it's a detail that every implementation would include, but 
>> the API doesn't enforce it.
> You're right when you write about DefininitionsFactory, but 
> ComponentDefinitions has still locale-based methods. If 
> DefinitionsFactory is considered as "the last piece of architecture that 
> knows about TilesContext" and ComponentDefinitions is "the part of the 
> code where definitions are stored", the Locale makes sense only in 
> ComponentDefinitions.
> I suppose that someone would write a new ComponentDefinitions and not a 
> new DefinitionsFactory (though anyway they are pretty tightly connected, 
> code in UrlDefinitionsFactory depends on code in 
> ComponentDefinitionsImpl...).
> Anyway I will commit the code ASAP.
> Thanks
> Ciao
> Antonio
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