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From Antonio Petrelli <>
Subject Re: [tiles2] Removal of controllerClass and controllerUrl
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2006 14:37:45 GMT
Greg Reddin ha scritto:
> On Oct 2, 2006, at 7:12 AM, Antonio Petrelli wrote:
>> Hello everybody :-)
>> In InsertTag the "controllerClass" and "controllerUrl" have been 
>> removed, I guess according to this JIRA issue:
>> I don't know if it's correct, because, as it is said in taglibs docs, 
>> the class or the URL is called immediately before rendering:
> It looks like I removed them in revision 419638.  But I can't tell why 
> specifically I removed those from the commit message.  At first glance 
> it seems like an error.

I don't know, it seems that controller classes are like Struts actions 
without a forward, and controller URLs seem to call Struts actions but 
without considering the forward...
 From my POV it is like moving a part of controller to the view layer 
and, again from my POV, is not very elegant, and it is like modifying 
the "template" attribute value to point to the controllerUrl and 
considering the forward.

> Can you specify a controllerClass and/or controllerUrl on the 
> <definition> tag?

Only in <definition> inside tiles-defs.xml, not in <tiles:definition>, 
that's strange...

>   If so, maybe I intended for the <insert> tag to not support it.

You mean that <tiles:insert> should "almost" work (i.e. without creating 
a ComponentDefinition object) as <tiles:definition>? If it is so, I 
agree with you.


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