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From "Ted Husted" <>
Subject Re: Struts "Legacy" (I prefer not)
Date Sun, 24 Sep 2006 16:46:14 GMT
On 9/24/06, Paul Benedict <> wrote:
> if I require "3 souls" (Ted's email) I hope they stick around
> so I can do more releases!


If this is about what one person wants to do, then, yes, we should
stop now. It should be about collaborating with several other people
who share a common vision. In this case, the common vision should
include collaborating with everyone, regardless of whether our
individual focus is on Struts 1 or Struts 2. I do believe we all share
a common vision. It's just a matter of how many interim releases we
need to get there.

> My point is that inside of providing a "compat" package, which I see as
> an actual stumbling block, we advocate people running the s1 action
> servlet alongside s2.

At this point, I don't know anyone who has had enough real life
experience to advocate anything. I'm about to post an early release of
a tutorial about Migrating to Struts 2 from Struts 1, where we start
with a Struts 1 application and then move things over to Struts 2, one
by one. That worked fairly well, but it is non-trivial.

Having other options would be helpful, and I think having integration
code between Struts 2 and  Struts 2 is a good thing, and we should
consider doing the same for other products as well.


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