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From "Ted Husted" <>
Subject Re: Struts "Legacy" (I prefer not)
Date Sun, 24 Sep 2006 15:59:56 GMT
On 9/24/06, Don Brown <> wrote:
> From a solely framework developer standpoint, Struts 1 needs to be retired.

:) Oh no, not that  again :)

The highest purpose of an ASF project is not to simply produce a
software artifact. Neither is our highest purpose to try and market
software to as many stakeholders as possible.

Our purpose is to *collaborate* on the building of software. To us,
the community that builds the software is more important than the
software itself. It doesn't matter how many stakeholders a product
has, if there are not volunteers willing to help with the project,
then, from an ASF perspective, the project is a failure.

So long as there are at least three souls in this universe who are
ready, willing, and able to collaborate on Struts 1 in the Apache Way,
then it is the PMC's obligation to provide the infrastructure to make
it so. We proved that during the Tomcat Wars, and AFAIK, the "Let
Darwin decide" doctrine still stands.

But, the key word is still collaborate, which should mean with
*everyone* involved with the project. The question should be how can
we improve Struts 1 and bring it closer to what our friends are doing
with Struts 2? And, how else can we improve Struts 2 so that that it
works better with Struts 1?

Hopefully, we will all continue to look for ways to improve both
codebases and continue to bring the configurations closer together. In
Struts 2, we've been adding "missing" features, like wildcard
mappings. Meanwhile, there are also several lessons the Struts 2 tags
can learn from Struts 1. For example, here's the links each framework
uses to change the locale

      <html:link action="/Locale?language=es">Español</html:link>

        <s:url id="es" action="Hello">
            <s:param name="request_locale">es</s:param>
        <s:a href="%{es}">Español</s:a>

For Struts 1, the lesson here is that we should be able to change the
locale without writing a custom action. For Struts 2, the lesson here
is that we should be able to add a single parameter to a tag in a
single line of code.

Likewise, to localize an input field


    <html:text key="message" />


    <s:text label="${getText(message)}"  name="message" />

Here, Struts 2 should learn that tags should have "key" parameters for
easy localization.

Sure, these are isolated examples, but as more people port more
applications, we are certain to find many more ways we can learn from
each other, and colloborate on creating and maintaining the framework
that we all want to use to build our own applicatios.


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