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From Paul Benedict <>
Subject Re: Struts "Legacy" (I prefer not)
Date Sun, 24 Sep 2006 16:03:25 GMT
Frank W. Zammetti wrote:
> Don Brown wrote:
>> Let's be honest - there isn't anything that Struts 1 does that Struts 
>> 2 doesn't do and doesn't do better.  
> This may or may not be true *NOW*, but you may have missed the point: 
> Paul, and Michael at least, have for a long time now been saying they 
> have a lot of ideas for Struts 1 and want to continue developing it, not 
> merely support it as a legacy framework.  

Frank expressed the heart of my email. I am not only going to support s1 
in terms of bug fixes, but major new features. Now that's okay, right? 
No one has ever told me s1 is off-limits for new development, and so 
that's why I do not consider it "legacy" and why having a "compat" 
package might make things "uncompat"ible if it gets out of date.

I have no problem hearing how s1 does things worse than s2 :-) The facts 
and truth are in the codebase already; so having a person say it doesn't 
hurt anything. I certainly don't want the umbrella label framework 
either (I am heavily against it), but if I require "3 souls" (Ted's 
email) I hope they stick around so I can do more releases!

My point is that inside of providing a "compat" package, which I see as 
an actual stumbling block, we advocate people running the s1 action 
servlet alongside s2.


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