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From Don Brown <>
Subject Re: Struts 2.0.0 - STATUS
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2006 18:10:52 GMT
I vote for tagging it now, despite these lingering issues.  We need 
something, anything, and will have plenty of time to smooth the release 
out.  The code is looking good, so thanks to everyone who is helping 
push this out.


Ted Husted wrote:
> I've updated the Struts 2.0.0 snapshot distribution based on revision
> r447072 (thanks Toby!).
> I would have tagged it, but I still don't understand everything that's
> involved in signing and deploying the distribution once it is tagged,
> and I didn't have time to review it all again today.
> As it stands, the docs part of the distribution requires surgery
> before we can post it. There are three complications
> 1) We don't have a s2 site subproject, and the struts-current
> subproject is doing double duty.
> 2) The documentation is not under subversion but being autoexported to
> HTML from a wiki
> 3) We need to translate the JARs for Java 4.
> As to 1, I promoted the struts-core to be the root docs subdirectory
> and moved over the various apidocs. That involves something like
> * Extract assembly to a root drive (\struts-2.0.0)
> * rename docs as temp
> * create a new docs folder
> * move temp/struts-api/apidocs to docs/api-apidoc
> * move temp/struts-core/apidocs to docs/core-apidocs
> * move temp/struts-extra/apidocs to docs/extras-apidocs
> * move xwork-apidocs from temp to docs
> * move temp/struts-core/ to docs/
> * delete temp
> To obtain the documention, the simplest solution I have found is to
> use the FireFox Spiderzilla plugin to create a local copy of the
> website and include that in the distribution
> * Use SpiderZilla, httrack, or equivalent to create a copy of the
> website at /struts-2.0.0/docs/WW starting from
> * Using TextEdit or equivalent, search and replace any references in
> any HTML files under docs to to
> the local equivalent (WW\\WW)
> Another approach would be to setup a cron job on brutus to ZIP up the
> autoexport files. Then a script could download and extract the
> archive. Unfortunatley, right now, old copies of autoexported pages
> are not being removed from the export after they are deleted or
> renamed. I believe the plugin is suppose to clear the target directory
> if we force an export, but that that is not happening right now.
> As to the Java 4 translation, nothing in the assembly is building it
> right now. To update it, we need to
> * Copy the "backport" folder that is under SVN.
> * If needed, update the translator JARs and translate batch file
> * If needed, update the translate batch file as to the Struts version
> * run the translate batch file
> Then, to mop up, we need to create new or updated archives for
> *
> *
> *
> Obviously, we'd prefer that the entire build process was automatic, as
> it has been before. But this is how things stand right now.
> -Ted.
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