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From Paul Benedict <>
Subject Re: Rollover scope for Struts 1.3.x
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2006 04:08:16 GMT
My thoughts below:

1) I don't like the term "flash" scope; it's too flashy (pun intended). 
I do prefer dialog and "conversation" is just too long. "rollover" is 
pretty good but requests do not roll over. What you really have is a 
dialog/conversation and I believe those are the proper terms, and they 
are precise to explain (in one word) it's scope and limitation. (As a 
side note: if the term "flash" has been accepted as an industry 
standard, I would use it.)

2) You may not want to implement this as a new scope. I went to Stripes' 
website and poked around. I would prefer it that code would call 
flash()-like inside the ActionForm which would flag the bean for the 
Controller; the Controller on the way out would then add it to its 
dialog management. I think this approach simplifies your design further 
because it does not even add another scope. I also prefer this because, 
given 1.x is a JSP-only architecture, we should not add new terms to it 
and leave it to true JSP scopes.

ActionForward execute(...) {
	// do stuff with form
	form.flash();	// method name up for grabs

I am a strong believer the action should explicitly state the form 
should persist for one more request. It shouldn't be automatic like in a 
scope. If you are worried about multiple forms on a page, or other uses 
of the form bean in request scope, I would then "flash" the form under a 
different name: form.flash("myuniqueid"). I say this because the Struts 
action mapping has another attribute @attribute:

 From the DTD for ActionMapping@attribute:
"Name of the request-scope or session-scope attribute that is used to 
access our ActionForm bean, if it is other than the bean's specified 
"name". Optional if "name" is specified, else not valid."


Michael Jouravlev wrote:
> Anyone wants to share their thoughts on rollover scope?
> I was thinking on using Stripes approach, but I don't like to mange
> URLs. Also, Stripes uses a timer to remove unused rollover scopes,
> this does not seem very straightforward to me, from a user's point of
> view. A user opens two windows then bam! in two minutes their content
> is gone.
> So I decided to go with the simplest implementation possible. It does
> not allow to open several windows with the same-typed actionform, but
> it is easy to understand and it works predictably.
> Michael.
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