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From Paul Benedict <>
Subject Re: [s1] Question on doEndTag
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2006 05:27:00 GMT
One thing I forgot to add:

It's happening on a private variable. This variable is not exposed 
through any getter/setter on the tag library, and thus also not in the TLD.

Paul Benedict wrote:
> To accommodate <html:param> nesting, I moved the <html:link> URL 
> generating code from doStartTag() to doEndTag(). I don't know if this is 
> related, but I noticed that one property is not being cleaned up from 
> one instance to the next; that if I successively generated links within 
> a page of varying properties, old values would stick around. I was 
> hoping for release() to take care of this, but I made a bad assumption 
> somewhere. That must be for returning to the container's pool library, 
> which must not occur until the page ends and cleans up the tag library 
> instances.
> Can someone tell me more? I find it strange we do not reset all 
> variables in doEndTag(). In my personal development, I have always 
> emitted my tag output in doEndTag() and then had a private cleanup() 
> method to reset methods for the next iteration. I am not doing that 
> here. I didn't see anything like that in the Struts tag library already; 
> there's either a style difference here or something more compelling.
> Paul

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